REMUS Custom Exhaust – Made for Harley Davidson


The REMUS Custom Exhaust product line is designed especially for the cult motorcycle brand Harley Davidson.

Special attention has been given towards the harmonic design and technical perfection. The high quality REMUS stainless steel Custom Exhaust mufflers are available as chromed version and also as matt black coated muffler to enable customers to fine tune their bike to suit their own requirements and style.

Using a totally new design, REMUS is now ready to update the current Custom Exhaust line. REMUS presents the brand new Custom Exhaust muffler for the Touring model officially for the first time at the Vienna Harley days from the 13-15 may 2011. Alongside newly designed internals, the highlight is the changeable end cap option. This highlight enables total individualism as per each and every taste.

In addition to the optical advantage, the REMUS Custom Exhaust provides a noticeable increase in torque throughout the middle rev range. The muffler is designed to be fitted with ease to the original header. For fans of the typical Harley Davidson sound, the REMUS Custom Exhaust offers the possibility to remove the dB baffle in order to release the full REMUS sonorous sound.
A4 Infoblatt CustomExhaust